We understand that some candidates are still unable to check or confirm their SMS/Text JAMB results online, due to issues in accessing the portal or some other technical reasons (this does not include candidates their results were withheld). We therefore wish to use this medium to offer assistance to such JAMB Candidates who have been unable to check or confirm their SMS/Text JAMB results online.

The steps to easily check the result have already been provided. Check this link: JAMB 2019 Result Portal Enabled – Check Yours Online for details.

Unable To Check or Confirm Your 2019 JAMB Result Online? - Let's Help You

However, if you are still unable to access your result, we urge that you provide your JAMB registration Number on the comment section as a new comment (not as a reply to someone else’s comment) and myschoolers will help check the result for you.

The outcome (your score/result) will be posted for free as a reply to your comment as soon as possible.

For those who will be helping candidates check their results, please ensure you post the full details of the result as a reply right under the comment of the candidate that requested that his/her result be checked. The details of the result should be exactly same way it appears on JAMB portal to avoid confusion.


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