2019 Waec Completed Successfullyβœ…

We are successfully done with WAEC Exams and up next is Neco. Subscription ongoing.https://chat.whatsapp.com/HtEagBfzUVwHpoHXpepPfe

Why our subscription is the best

  1. If you subscribe with us, we don’t add you to any WhatsApp Group to get the answers. We send them to you via your private inbox (Very Comfortable).😌
  2. We solve all questions by ourselves, Type & Snap. Yes, those who subscribed for Waec can testify. βœ…
  3. Throughout the waec we didn’t miss any day. We are always online each day to deliver. So be rest assured, during Neco we will deliver.
  4. The just concluded waec was a little stressful because subscribers were massive. We had about 120+ subscribers. So just imagine how we send to all 120 WhatsApp Numbers at onceπŸ˜‹. Well, it sometimes takes up to 2-3mins for you to receive the answers because of the massive users. But in this coming Neco, we are upgrading to a more better server. 😌.
  5. During the ending of waec, we brought up an innovation, (The use of Bots, for easy And fast delivery of answers, and We thank the admins of exam9ja.com.ng for allowing us use their Bot, * aka E9ja Bot to test it and all went perfectly well. We fixed some little bugs and all is set for Necoβœ….
  6. Due to large subscribers, we spent a lot. Summary below.https://chat.whatsapp.com/HtEagBfzUVwHpoHXpepPfe

Internet/Data Service: _Glo 4G LTE : #15,000

Power Supply: _Generator Only: #10,000

Question Papers from supervisors: #35,000


Miscellaneous: #12,550

Like we have been we don’t talk much, Our work/action speaks. Neco Subscription On. Detail Payments.

Full Subjects+Practical: #8,000
9/8/7 subjects+practical: #4,000
9/8/7 subjects-practical: #3,500
per Subject: #500
per Practical: #400
per Maths & English: #800

For Neco, we will be using Nigeria Number, the number is still worked on now for Bot implementation and other set ups. So if we forget sending the number to you, when done. You can always chat up and ask them for our new https://chat.whatsapp.com/HtEagBfzUVwHpoHXpepPfe

This is all for now. Have a nice Day.


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